Steeple - Cell Tower prepWhen you come to church this Sunday, July 17, the steeple of the church will likely have been removed.  This is part of construction related to placing a cell tower inside of our steeple.  During this part of the project, our organ has been shut down and protected.   Access to the sanctuary and equipment in the parking lot might necessitate some adjustments on our part.  Depending upon the weather and schedules of contractors, we hope the project completion will be only a few weeks.

Bruce Williams

Members of St. John's Lutheran and St. Francis Episcopal worked together to feed and help to homeless of New York City. The event was coordinated through Midnight Run, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless of New York City. Eleven volunteers drove into New York City the night of May 6 in two cars and one small truck, which had all the food, clothing, and toiletries to be distributed. The weather cooperated by having a break in the rain that had been falling all day. The truck was almost empty by the end of the night.

There were many ways to help: donating clothes, food, or money, sorting and organizing the clothing and toiletries, and preparing bagged meals. Long time St. John's member Bruce Williams is pictured helping out by getting ready to drive his pickup truck the St. Francis full of donated supplies. We thank all the volunteers who helped with the event!


On Sunday, April 26, the 10:30 am worship was a contemporary service held in Luther Hall. Luther Hall was filled to capacity. A praise band, multimedia use, children’s participation, and more were the hallmarks of the service. This offering was in response to the request for worship variety as expressed in the fall dessert meetings and was intended to be an experiment so that we have some experience in a very different worship format.
Prior to the service, members of the congregation listened to the pastor talk about contemporary worship and heard some of the music that will be used.

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